Touhou Fight Night Network | Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Touhou Fight Night Network! We are an online community of Touhou Project fans originally created as a place for those with an interest in Touhou fighting games such as Touhou 12.3, but we also participate and hold events in various other games and activities.

As a user or member at THFNN, we wish for everyone to observe and follow a set of guidelines we have created in order to maintain the friendly and inviting atmosphere our community has had since its creation in 2010. These guidelines apply to the THFNN Steam chat room and group area,, or any event area or activity that is deemed to be part of THFNN.

As a general rule, members should be courteous and respectful to other members at all times. We wish that everyone at THFNN refrains from the following:

  • Behaviors or language that is disruptive, discouraging, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, questionable, or otherwise ill-spirited or said with ill-intent or what could be interpreted as such. This also includes trolling, mocking, unnecessary sarcasm, etc.

  • Behaviors which unnecessarily flaunt or make aware traits of any member, including themselves. This includes bringing one's gender, race, nationality, orientation, (etc.) into focus within THFNN public channels in a manner which is either negative in nature or not significant to the current topic or discussion.

  • Posting links in public channels which leads to content that is explicit, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, “not safe for work” (nsfw), or otherwise questionable.

  • Spamming of any kind. This includes posting large or bloated messages which are unrelated to current topics in public channels, soliciting a website, group, or service without express permission from a THFNN administrator, or anything inbetween. This may also include being in the THFNN Steam chat room while playing a game which posts “now playing, click here to join” messages such as Team Fortress 2. If the messages become excessive, the member may be kicked from the room to keep conversation uncluttered, and isn't necessarily observed as an intended act of disruption by the member in question.

  • Imitating another member on the site, forums, Steam, or elsewhere, particularly Officers or Admins.

  • Recruiting or sending invites exclusively to THFNN members for other groups, sites, or services through the Steam client or our website. This type of behavior is expressly prohibited, and any offenders will be banned immediately.

  • Joining or frequenting THFNN with the intent, or under strong suspicion, to create a negative or hostile atmosphere, or to attempt to dissolve the group or cause members to leave the group. Our aim has always been to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all members at THFNN, and such behavior interferes with that goal.
  • We also wish that those at THFNN comply with any reasonable request by Officers or Administrators in relation to these guidelines.

    Special Prohibitions and Advisories

    The conditions set below are for the special prohibition and advisories related to certain actions or behaviors. The following conditions are currently in effect:

  • Users and members may not pass logs or IP information to parties outside of THFNN. Those who are found in violation of this condition may be banned immediately.

  • It is recommended that users and members share IP addresses only in channels they trust, or through private messages, and only with trusted individuals. If you suspect that someone may be using your address in a manner which disrupts or prevents regular play, notify an Admin or Officer immediately.

  • While in the game Hisoutensoku (Touhou 12.3), there will occasionally be rules or regulations that go along with an event we're holding. We wish that members follow any regulations set forth by Admins or Officers in those cases. The following is always in effect:

    The use of macros or other programs intended to increase game performance by assisting input is expressly prohibited during THFNN events. Any players found, or under strong suspicion of using any such program may, at the discretion of administration, be permanently banned from all future events.

    THFNN Admins and Officers maintain access to certain administrative tools to deter and diminish violations of these guidelines, and to help keep THFNN a positive, welcoming, quality community. Depending on the type and severity of a violation, THFNN Administration may choose to do the following actions as they see fit:

  • Kick or Ban members from the Steam chat room or Steam community
  • Limit or Ban access to member features at
  • Kick or Ban users from any THFNN-controlled gameserver
  • Ban users from any THFNN-related events or activities
  • Place members on a blacklist

  • We reserve the right to change the text in the Community Guidelines at any time. This may be done to reflect changes in site features, group features, group goals, or anything else we deem appropriate for our members to be aware of in relation to our online community.

    As highlighted by the above Community Guidelines, we wish for members of our community to engage in a positive atmosphere and enjoy all that our community has to offer. If we run into any case that goes against our community's goals, Administration has the ability to deal with it as they see fit.

    By being a part of our community, you agree with the above Community Guidelines and that you'll remain a positive member of our community.

    Thanks for your interest in the Touhou Fight Night Network!