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The 100th Fight Night Marker 2014/04/18
by LunarSpotlight

Tonight is significant because it marks what would be THFNN's 100th Fight Night event.

Those who have remained around know that things went progressively quiet about half a year ago. It turns out that it's difficult to sustain two active groups, a (nearly) full-time job, and school all at once.

Many of you will know that I've moved on to become the Station Manager for Gensokyo Radio, an internet radio station dedicated to broadcasting arranges of Touhou music 24/7. In addition to that, I'd gotten a promotion in December last year which meant that I started working even more than ever before. It's great for being able to participate in more events for the radio station, but it also severely cuts down on my free time. In 2013, it was probably possible to keep things running as they were, but when 2014 started, there was just no way that I could sustain running both groups. I hope you all understand.

If you're still interested in being part of the Touhou gaming scene, the staff that I'm part of at Gensokyo Radio is networked with multiple people from the community who are very much interested in raising awareness about Touhou in general, and one of the ways they do that is by showcasing the games themselves. We saw this when I went to Anime Boston 2014 in March with a couple of the GR staff members. It's incredible to see the enthusiasm that people have for the games, and it isn't going away soon. It's still out there, and it's still growing. Perhaps I'll become a more direct supporter of that effort at some of the conventions in my area.

This year, my plans are to continue growing and being a part of the radio station that I became a part of in 2011. I've already been to Anime Boston 2014, but I also have plans to be at ColossalCon, Animinneapolis, and Anime Expo this year. It's an incredible lineup, and I think I'll be able to make it work. It's been quite the ride, and I look forward to what the future brings for me as one of the more administrative supporters in the greater Touhou community.

Thanks for being a part of THFNN, and I hope you'll join us at Gensokyo Radio to continue the fun times.

~ LunarSpotlight


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